Turning points

16 December 2016

There are just those times,  those times when you know that something has changed and destiny calls.  Those times when you know that the time is now.

I have never been a “slow” kid. I was always a top 10% (top 20% at least)  type child at school all my life.  I was top of my class quite a few times in my life.  I went to some of the best schools in Swaziland and when I came over to South Africa in 2001,  I could have gone to any university in South Africa and qualified to do any course.

I initially wanted to be a medical doctor,  but I would have been a doctor for the wrong reasons.  I only wanted to be a doctor because it was a “well-paying profession”.  I knew though somehow that all I ever wanted was to have a lot of money,  to be rich. I wanted to live in a huge house,  have all the cars that I want and to be able to spend as much as I want without worrying about money running out.  So when my father accompanied me to register at the Rand Afrikaans University (now the University of Johannesburg) I came across a course called BCom Investment Management,  which would teach me how wealth was generated. I eventually dropped out in the 3rd year of that course due to various reasons.

I immediately got myself into day trading, which was a passion of mine that I started while at university.  The whole of 2005 I was trading for family members,  but that did not go too well. My uncle who had been giving me money to trade eventually tired of funding that initiative,  and got me to get a job. I eventually started working for a bank. All the while I was engaged in “entrepreneurial” ventures in the hope of making money. None of that succeeded.

I left the bank in 2009,  and linked up with a business incubator. I waited for the project that I was working on to come to fruition for 3 years.  That project did not work out and then I had to get a job again in 2012. I have been at that job since May 2012 until present. Four and a half years of taking orders,  having my life dictated to me for a pittance.

I have been working on things during my time while I was employed,  in preparation for this moment when I will say enough is enough,  I need to determine my own destiny. I need to do my own thing now and I have no choice but to be successful at what I do. The stakes are as high as they have ever been.

After so many failures though who can still have any trust in me. I have had great ideas,  but no successes.  Things have come into my way,  somehow. That is the ultimate lesson I guess,  that this time around I will not let things get in the way of my success,  I will determine my own destiny.  I will succeed. That is the difference between me now and me then.

Makube njalo!


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